Enric Domingo, Postdoctoral Researcher

Translational Oncology

I search for molecular biomarkers able to stratify colorectal cancer patients and tailor their treatment effectively.

+44 (0)1865 617032
Main Researcher: 


I perform bioinformatic analyses on multi-omic data from several databases and from the SCORT programme, a stratified medicine consortium looking for biomarkers of colorectal cancer. I analyse data from DNA sequencing, DNA methylation, RNA expression and protein expression of highly selected colorectal tumours from clinical trials or hospital-based cohorts. The main aims are searching for biomarkers of response to oxaliplatin, radiotherapy, prognosis and novel biological therapies. Some research lines are done in collaboration with the whole SCORT team and some others are directly led by me (eg germline variants, some specific biomarker candidates, site of metastasis).

My past work has always been focused on colorectal cancer genetics and translational research, with a slow transition from the wet lab to computer-based research. Along my career I have identified highly relevant biomarkers in colorectal cancer (eg BRAF mutation to exclude germline predisposition, POLE mutation for good prognosis and PIK3CA mutation for benefit with aspirin). I received a BSc in Biology (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona) and a MD and PhD in Genetics (Vall d’Hebron Research Institute, Barcelona). I have been a visiting fellow in INSERM (Paris) and postdoc in the London Research Institute and the Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics (Oxford).

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